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Elmhurst Church

Beliefs and Values Statement

The articles of faith to which we turn for strength in time of confusion or stress:

God loves unconditionally.
Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior.
We are saved by grace through faith.
Through Christ’s death and resurrection, sin is forgiven and we receive eternal  life.
The Bible reveals God’s Word.
God has a plan and purpose for life.
God hears our prayers and guides us through the Holy Spirit.
Nothing is so evil that God cannot redeem it.

The positive, habitual behaviors that we are expected to demonstrate
in daily living:

Welcoming people in the name of Jesus Christ.
Worshipping joyfully.
Transforming lives by connecting people to Jesus Christ.
Nurturing Christian discipleship.
Empowering people to serve through their spiritual gifts.
Working together in collaborative and accountable relationships.
Reaching out to a broken world.
Making every effort to preserve and restore God’s creation.