Prayer Shawl Ministry

Several women who love to knit came together eight years ago and began to knit comfort shawls. The group of knitters has grown and meets twice a month.  With a simple pattern of 73 stitches and  knitting 3, purling 3 (the 3 stitches representing the Father, Son, Holy Ghost), the shawls have provided comfort and grace for 373 people in our congregation and for Seasons Hospice.  Donated yarn has been also been used to knit scarves, hats, and mittens for the children at the Erie Neighborhood House in Chicago and for PADS.



New and experienced knitters are always welcome to be a part of this important ministry.  Patterns and yarn are available.  Join us Wednesday”s in the Nelson White Room.

If you know of someone who is in need of strength while undergoing a medical procedure; someone who needs comfort after a loss; someone who needs peace and patience during a difficult time; or someone who needs to feel the presence of God . . . please contact:  Mary Mueller at 708) 547-8793 or the church office at 630) 834-7750.

“I may not sit beside you but I am no further than a prayer.”  From the book:  To Dance with Daffodils